Audi A4 alias SUUCIA +54HP after Dyno Custom Tune

Audi A4 B8 2009 2.0 TFSI 211hp (155kW) 350Nm

Engine type: Turbo Petrol

OEM Power: 211hp (157kW)

OEM Torque: 350Nm (258ft-lb)

SUUCIA with 2.0TFSI come for Dyno Custom Tune. 2.0TFSI is very popular engine for tune and this modification unlocked full potential of the car.

First test on dyno was previous tune. You can seen on the graph the loss of power on performance line.

Software after previous tune company was locked so at first we unlocked it and then we built custom tune for SUUCIA. Test on Dyno showed smoother performance line with more power and torque. Compare the graph below.

Remap resulted in 265.7HP and 325.0 LBS (+54.7HP and +67 LBS beside Stock).

#dyno #custom #tune #ecu #modification #a4 #test #HP #LBS

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