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Drinks and Circuitry

Well over the weekend I went up to Mass Hung with Alex and Bill from dent sport. Got few drinks and some good food.

I ordered my new ViPec ECU Plans are to Install a WRX DBW gas pedal and run the GM TB should be interesting with some crazy anti lag!!!

Over the weekend Marie and I drove up to Walthem, Massachusetts to see my buddies Alex Grabau and Bill Washburn. The owners Dent Sport Garage. We got up there pretty late on Friday night. So we just had a late dinner in the city (they are about 15 minutes from Boston). After spending some time navigating our way around the detours for the Boston Marathon (which took place on Monday), we finally found a spot and headed to Perish for dinner and drinks. I had the best Macaroni and Cheese ever for dinner.

After Breakfast on Sunday morning Alex took us down to the shop www.dentsport.com to check out all the cars they are working on. Bill has been working on a MGC-GTS replica for his dad. Some of the modifications include a 1JZ Toyota Supra engine as always bill has done some amazing fabrication on the car. The suspension has been reworked with a 3 link/watts linkage/Ford 8.8 rear end and a dual wishbone in the front and 3 way Penske’s. You can read more about Bill’s work on the MG at ZipTied

A couple weeks ago Ryan Tuerck borrowed my ECU from my RX7 and we realized the ECU is shot. Part of the reason for my visit to Waltham was to order my new ViPec V88 ECU. It should arrive in about 2 weeks. I can not wait to get my hands on it and start to get my RX7 working again. I did not get to race at all last season so I am eager to get going this year. I still have a lot of work to do on my car but hopefully I will be able to race on June 11/12 at the Weatherly Hillclimb in PA!